Since 2012, our quality management system is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
for the following activities: formulation, production and packagink of cosmetics and air fresheners according to the customer’s specifications.

Our company is associated with COSMETICA ITALIA and is part of the Third-party producers’ group.

First and still the only one in Piedmont, we took part in the RTC-UNIPRO reliability’s program, getting the certification, because we do believe that

only through the respect of professional ethical principles, the current regulations and the constant compliance with the machinery and technological processes, as well as a constant qualitative improvement of our activity, we can guarantee the client the highest level of reliability, as far as the contract is concerned.

In 2012 the Torino Chamber of Commerce has awarded the title of INNOVATIVE COMPANY
on the following points of excellence:

• Product innovation
• Process innovation or new production technologies
• R&D
• Participation in regional or national projects