Our company works as a third-party producer, nevertheless we want to be more than a third-party producer company:
we want to be a special partner, competitive and reliable, able to create new formulations and marketing schemes.

We are able to produce and chose the most suitable packaging on the client’s formulas, but our true specialty is to manufacture every cosmetics item assisting our client in every realization’s phase, solving the possible design’s problems, production and packaging. For every phase of this process there is a member of our family, who with his experience and competence, guarantees the perfection and reliability of the production chain.

Our strong points are competence, flexibility and the desire of working well all together, proud of being active part in the success of our clients.

We develop little and big quantities of products, from 500 to 100.00 pieces; for this reason, we count many clients not only in the cosmetics industry, but also in the fashion, car, jewelry and fabrics sectors. For all these clients we take care of the creation of products destined to support and increase the positive image of their companies.