Production of cosmetics for face, body and hair care.

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innovative and safe cosmetics for face, body and hair care


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Tuesday, June 18th, at 4:00 PM in our Pianezza (TO) facilities, Piccola Industria and Intesa San Paolo will be presenting an event about the opportunities of the circular economy. At the event, business people and other experts will discuss the real opportunities of adopting sustainable......

Made in Torino, the event to present Turin-based businesses to the world, is coming back on June 28th. Come discover the hidden wonders in cosmetics production. Click through to sign up! For information and booking, visit the event’s web page...

An interview with our company’s CEO, Marco Piccolo, in which he discusses the impact of the tax wedge on Italian businesses based on his experience leading a medium-sized enterprise, was broadcast on the Italian television channel La7 during the program Tagadà on Monday, April 10,......

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Reynaldi Srl is a Turin-based contract manufacturer specialized in a wide range of cosmetics.


Social projects

For several years now, we have pursued social projects in collaboration with various nonprofit organizations within Italy and around the world.



We take the concept of environmental sustainability very seriously.We have decided to reduce the impact of our work and increase energy savings.