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Reynaldi Srl is a Turin-based contract manufacturer specialized in a wide range of cosmetics, including creams, alcohol-based fragrances, emulsions, facial and body gels, sunscreens, skin care products, baby care products, hydroalcoholic gels, and many more preparations. We provide a high-quality service that includes product formulation, packaging design, and labeling.
We work for businesses of all types, from highly recognized premium brands in the cosmetics industry to smaller private labels and certified organic companies that ensure the organic origin of their ingredients, which is an increasingly important trend in the industry.

Born out of an innovative idea by Maria Grazia Reynaldi, who opened a small shop in Turin in 1980 with a shop window through which passers-by could watch her creating custom cosmetics for her customers, Reynaldi Srl is now a large, family-run organization that has maintained that same transparency and openness to customers. Alongside Dr. Reynaldi, who heads up the Research & Development Lab, the company is led by her sons Marco, head of sales, and Andrea Piccolo, head of production, and by her daughters-in-law, Laura Patrucco and Grazia Massa, who are responsible for logistics and administration, respectively.

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