The care of people at Reynaldi Srl

Excellent companies are those that know how to attract and value excellent men and women.
We firmly believe that we have collaborators worthy of respect and responsibility and we want to make them feel like members of our family.
This is why we try to promote principles of inclusion, professional and human growth and ensure a high quality of life.


Women represent 63% of the employed and hold 80% of top management roles. Three fifths of the CDA is made up of female figures.


The percentage of graduates is 30% and the average age is 39 years.


The average wage is over 37% of the sector wage.


Every year we invest in training, to improve professional skills and the culture of safety at work.

Time of life and work

We try to close the company at 5.30 pm to allow everyone to live a full life outside the office.


Since 2020 we have a profit distribution policy: a third is capitalized, a third distributed to shareholders and a third distributed to collaborators in the form of a company bonus.