Reynaldi Srl’s commitment to the community

We are sure, at Reynaldi Srl, that the company’s work does not only serve to generate profit. We believe that with our cosmetics we can give life to virtuous processes capable of generating positive impacts on people’s lives. For this reason we have been engaged for several years in social projects that aim to help the realities of the area in which the company operates.

100% Made in Reynaldi projects

With a view to generating economic and human growth, we have developed projects that seek to help the most vulnerable people.

Burkina Faso

This project has been active since 2003 to support the development of a small female business linked to the extraction of Shea Butter.

To date, this activity provides work and sustenance to a group of 25 women and their families.

Gruppo Abele

Since the end of 2015, we have been producing the “Amàla” cosmetic line, made with natural ingredients grown on land confiscated from the mafia or in communities that offer the people welcomed a chance for redemption. We also collaborate with rehabilitation communities that offer girls and boys former drug addicts and alcoholics an opportunity for redemption through work.

San Patrignano

Since 2019 we have started an industrial development process with the San Patrignano recovery community.

The production of cosmetics, with the raw materials produced by the work of the people of the community for their commercial channels, is only the first step of the project.

Our vision is to help them, step by step, to create an autonomous and self-sufficient production center: a cosmetics laboratory that allows people to learn a trade, to believe in themselves, and once they leave the community, enter the world of work.

Projects in collaboration with local associations

In order to generate an even greater impact, we are happy to also support existing projects.

Dalla Stessa Parte DSP

Dalla Stessa Parte (D.S.P.) is a type “b” social cooperative that has been operating in the area for 30 years. Using honey produced by the cooperative’s people with Down Syndrome, we have developed a line of cosmetics that they sell to self-finance their projects.

Cascina Caccia

Cascina Caccia is a property confiscated from the mafia dedicated to the memory of Bruno Caccia, Turin’s chief prosecutor, killed in a mafia ambush in 1983 and his wife Carla. With the guys from Cascina we produce the “Libero” cosmetics line using honey from their hives.

Associazione Pacefuturo onlus

We collaborate with this association through the processing and transformation into cosmetics of the natural extracts that migrants, housed in their facilities, obtain from the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Fondazione F.A.R.O. onlus

Associazione F.A.R.O. Onlus assists people affected by serious illness 365 days a year at home and in the Hospice. In January 2018 a “beauty salon” was inaugurated for guests with products donated by Reynaldi.

1 cream purchased = 1 cream given as a gift

Our earnings come from the community in which we operate and every year we think it is right to return a part of it. For this reason, we allocate a portion of the revenues of our Brand Dottoressa Reynaldi to the production of hygiene products that we donate to various associations in the Piedmont area. Every year we reserve more than 10,000 products for this project: each product purchased allows us to donate another.

Who do we help?

We donate our products to organizations and associations that work to generate a positive impact on people’s lives.


Servizio Missionario Giovani (Youth Missionary Service) in Turin.


A sort of second home for children with health challenges and their families.


A community in Ivrea that welcomes monks and nuns from various Christian churches.


A canteen that for years has continued its charitable mission of feeding the hungry of Turin.


Ojok Auma Prisca, Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus – Nanà, Binaria Cooperativa Sociale, Gruppo Di Volontariato Vincenziano Onlus, Società Cooperativa Sociale Terra Mia Onlus, Associazione Noi Con Voi Onlus, Altraqualita’ Soc. Coop., Lions Club Rivoli Castello, Associazione Il Filo D’erba – Comunità̀ Famiglie, Congregazione Figlie Della Carità, Missioni Consolata O.N.L.U.S., Farmaceutico Candiolo & C. S.P.A., Fondazione Crescere Insieme Al Sant’Anna Onlus, Associazione Kado, U.G.I. – Unione Genitori Italiani – Onlus, Monastero Benedettine Di Viboldone