Reynaldi Laboratory for Product Research and Development.

The Research & Development Lab is the beating heart of the company, the place where ideas the 40 years of experience of Dr. Reynaldi, a team of experts develops new products quickly in order to meet your needs in terms of both price and quality.
As a client, you get a custom-designed product, whether it’s a simple cosmetic or a certified all-natural, 100% organic product.
Located in the Pianezza production facilities, the lab develops more than 40 new formulas every month and conducts all stability tests, both in centrifuge and against heat, cold and sunlight.

The Quality Lab works alongside the Research & Development Lab, controlling the suitability of the ingredients used and conducting chemical, physical and microbiological tests of the bulk product prior to packaging. The Quality Lab also controls the quality of the finished product and prepares the analysis certificate that accompanies every outgoing production batch.

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