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The Dottoressa Reynaldi line features ingredients with ties to the local community and sustainable production methods that respect both the environment and society, and the Research & Development Lab is right next to the sales floor, all at the service of beauty for nearly four decades. The philosophy that has always been at the heart of Dr. Reynaldi’s work is one that unites skill and creativity in the preparation of products based on what we like to call natural, functional-cosmetic formulas.

Natural, because the active ingredients are of natural origin, such as oils and other extracts from herbs and other plants.

Functional, because every natural ingredient has a specific cosmetic function, such as hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, reinvigorating, deodorizing, or filtering sunlight.
Cosmetic, because the products are designed to promote healthy, beautiful skin and hair.
Formulas, because the active ingredients of our cosmetics are specially formulated to meet the needs of all skin types.

Our team of talented, enthusiastic experts is here to advise you on the most appropriate cosmetic formula for your every need, as well as to provide detailed explanations of composition, function and safety for each and every product and to recommend its
most appropriate use.

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