The product packaging process

Day by day, in the packaging department thousands of products are bottled, labeled and packed to be sold on the shops’ shelves.We are working to dispatch our cosmetics from Turin to Italy and the rest of the world.Our plant is equipped with five completely automized filling lines for jars and bottles (with a production capacity of 80.000 pieces per day) and two filling lines for tubes in aluminum and polyethylene (with a production capacity of 50.000 pieces per day).

Moreover, we offer to our clients:

  • Two cartoning machines; one vertical and one horizontal, suitable for every format, with leaflets distribution and a capacity of 40 pieces per minute.
  • A sleeve applicator line for the distribution and steam heat shrink for the sleeves with a production capacity of 2000 pieces per hour.
  • An automatic wrapping machine to cellophane wraps the perfume boxes.
  • Five different semi-automatic machines for the filling of dust, liquids and creams.

Our strict organization and the investments to convert some production lines to industry 4.0 allowed us to optimize the outputs and reduce the wastes to less than 1% for each production.

Our team of qualified workers operates every day to assure a high level of service to maximize the clients’ satisfaction.

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