Respect for the environment at Reynaldi Srl

Reynaldi srl knows the relationship between their work and the environment. For this reason, Research and Development and innovation in production processes are aimed at bringing benefits to nature and the territory.

Since 2016, the year in which the company became the first cosmetic Benefit company in Italy, we have tried to reduce our impact on the environment by making production more efficient and selecting partners capable of helping us realize our vision.


Thanks to the collaboration with a disposal center located 500 meters from our factory, we are able to dispose of our waste at zero kilometer and recycle 97% correctly.


In 2016 we installed an innovative closed-circuit system that ensures the recovery of the production water necessary for the use of the machinery. With this system, we save an average of 350 tons of water per year.


Over the years we have been looking for suppliers who are attentive to green issues to offer our customers the most sustainable solutions for their products.


80% of our suppliers are located within a radius of 300 km from our factory: in this way we not only reduce the environmental impact of transport, but we enhance the producers of our territory.


The fight against waste also begins with small gestures. We have reduced the use of plastic water bottles by making various distributors of filtered water available in the company and equipping all employees with reusable thermal bottles.


In 2020 we converted the entire supply of electricity to energy generated from renewable sources. This action has enabled us to reduce our emissions by 117.9 tons of CO2 in one year and keep them at a minimum for future years. Soon the entire plant will be equipped with photovoltaic panels for self-production of energy.