Reynaldi for social: our projects

At Reynaldi, we believe that working is not made only to generate profit. We believe that, with our products, we can form virtuous processes able to produce positive impacts on people’s life.  For this reason, since years Reynaldi is putting its efforts on social projects able to help the communities in which the company operates.

Projects 100% Made in Reynaldi: Thanks to the collaborations with various no-profit associations, we were able to develop projects to support disadvantaged communities in Italy and around the world.


Production of the Amàla line of cosmetics, which is made using natural ingredients grown either on land that has been sequestered from organized crime or in communities that offer people a chance for redemption.


Production of the line of natural cosmetics La bellezza dell’incontro, a collaboration with our friends at the nonprofit organization Pacefuturo that involves the harvesting of local ingredients with the help of asylum seekers.

Support for social projects: we are happy to support already existing social projects to help the higher number of social realities.


For a few years now, we have been supporting Father Giuliano Testa, who is committed to helping women start up cosmetics production facilities in Nairobi (Kenya) and Rimenze (South Sudan).

Hygiene products donations: every year, we want to give back part of our revenues to the community. For this reason, thanks to the support of our brand's clients (Dottoressa Reynaldi), we can donate a hygiene product for each item sold. Every year we donate more than XX products to multiple Piedmontese associations.


Servizio Missionario Giovani (Youth Missionary Service) in Turin.


A sort of second home for children with health challenges and their families


A community in Ivrea that welcomes monks and nuns from various Christian churches.