Our sustainable projects.

Reynaldi is an extremely innovative company, not only in our production processes, but also in terms of our approach to the environment and the community.

Nowadays, companies and individuals are increasingly committed to limiting activities that pollute or otherwise harm the environment in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

To reduce the environmental impact of our production, we have created a system that reduces the use of water by filtering and recovering all the water used in our production processes. We have also implemented a system of waste management that enables us to recover up to 97% of all waste produced, and this waste is sent to a recovery center located just 500 meters from our facilities, thereby avoiding any further pollutants.

Corporate social responsibility is also of great importance to us, as companies, too, play a key role in society and are able to generate economic benefits not just in terms of profits, but also by creating social value for the community.

In order to achieve intelligent, sustainable growth that includes us all, Reynaldi adopted new company bylaws in June 2016 to become Italy’s first benefit corporation in the cosmetics industry.

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